I attended my first RECOMB over the last few days. It was an excellent conference. There were some discussion regarding the +/- of single track conferences vs multi-track conferences. Overall I prefer the single track format, like RECOMB. It’s good for the community to have everyone in the same room and also forcing the speakers to give more general audience talks. For the speakers, you get a broader exposure for your work; and for the audience, you get to hear more diverse topics. It’s also good for the general morale of the conference for everyone to have the same reference points.

Some highlights from this year’s RECOMB.

  • Madan Badu gave a nice talk on disordered proteins. He did a good job in describing the prevalent paradigm (sequence -> structure -> function) and then presenting a different framework (sequence -> disorder -> function). Even though this is an oversimplification and I don’t remember all the details of the talk, the general concepts are intriguing and memorable.
  • Bonnie Berger also gave a nice keynote on compressive genomics. It ticked all the hallmarks of a good talk: one single, clear conceptual idea; repeat until it hits home; lots of different applications.
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