Ira Glass

Last night I went to a wonderful performance by Ira Glass (of the This American Life fame) called 3 acts, 2 dancers and 1 radio host. It’s a combination of mediums that I have not seen on stage before: nonfiction story telling + interpretive dance set to lively music. Truly excellent. I have to say that this, the Heart of Robin Hood, the Glass Menagerie and sleep walking are the best and most memorable performances I have seen over the last few years.

All three of the Ira’s stories really connected with me. The first one was about the inevitably tension that arise from repetitive performance of creative acts. The second  story talked about love, taking place in middle school dances to marriages. And the third was about loss.

Being a professional host, Ira is excellent at making people feel at ease and asking questions, but he admitted to not being very good at sharing about himself (’emotionally present’). This is something that I feel about myself.

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